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hi friends, please i need a help
i had active PRO plan for my site now, but still my site load slow, how much time need to speed loading for my site? or there are config steps must to do?

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It depends on the site. The biggest slowdown is dynamic content generated on the server. If you post the URL, we can offer some specific suggestions.

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thank you…this is URL:

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That site is 8 megabytes, which is very large. The images are really slowing the site down.

Most of your site isn’t even hosted on your domain, so there’s nothing Cloudflare can do for those resources. If you stop using the Shopify CDN, you can really speed things up with Pro features.

Here is a report:

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how can i stop using shopify CDN? thanks again


You would have to ask Shopify about how to configure their service to not use the CDN. Or to allow you to CNAME a subdomain of yours to point to their CDN.

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