Website still slow in Australia

My website has been fast in europe where the hosting is but in australia its always been slow. I have upgraded to argo which has helped abit but when checking the TTFB its still slower than average in this area.

What can be done to help this before I change and try bunny cdn

Are you using any kind of caching on your website? What are you running on your website? Wordpress? Have you tried the Cloudflare APO plugin?

What’s your domain so we can investigate? Without more information, we can only speculate as to what may benefit you. If your server is in Europe though and you’re not doing any kind of edge caching, then no matter what happens, you’re always going to experience the round trip latency from Australia → Europe for every request.

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I’m in Australia (aka Straya). If you can provide the site, I am happy to test and tell you if it is slow.

Strayaa is right lol

The site is skissr .com i think the issue is TTFB which i can’t see nearly 1sec in melb and 500ms in Syd. On mobile

Yes, your TTFB can be as slow as 1s for me even in the UK when your server is in Europe.

If it takes that long for your server to respond and you’re not sending any cache headers (you’re not), then there’s very little Cloudflare or any other CDN can do here - a visitor in AUS is always going to have to make a full round trip to Europe and back, plus the execution time on your server right now.

You would be best to spend your time optimising your origin for TTFB, and considering caching the HTML responses on Cloudflare’s edge so it can deliver the page straight from a more localised server. The Wordpress APO plugin would probably be a good idea if you’re using WP, or experimenting with cache-control headers and a cache everything rule on Cloudflare, for HTML content.

Your site loads for me instantaneously @user10929. Have changed anything (such as that suggested by @cherryjimbo) in the intervening time?

So I’m not sure when the other user checked but I have upgraded my CDN from Cloudflare to bunny which was performing better in Aus.

The TTFB is around 300-500 now in aus and I read 600 is enough to pass core web vitals so fingers crossed

For Cloudflare TTFB see Improving Time To First Byte (TTFB) With Cloudflare

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