Website Still Shows "Not Secure"


I’ve tried various things but my website still shows that it is “Not Secure”. I have checked that it’s under cloudflare nameservers, activated a SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin in case there is mixed content, set my SSL/TLS encryption mode as Full, and purged my cache. I am operating with a Wordpress editor. What’s interesting is that all my other pages on the domain are now secure, but the main page isn’t. Any help would be very, very appreciated, thanks in advance!

The main logo with the dog tries to load with HTTP, but then gets redirected to HTTPS. It’s that first attempt that’s causing the warning. Maybe you can fix it in your page editor.

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Got it! Omg, thank you so much for figuring that out! I reuploaded the photo with a https link and it worked.

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