Website still says Not Secure after changing Name Server information

I changed my name server information on Godaddy and it showed as updated on Cloudfare, I created a page rule to always use https, but my website still has the Not Secure designation. Does anyone have any ideas?

“Not secure” can also be shown if you “break” the SSL Fulll connection if you for example load content through HTTP but the initial connection was estabilished via HTTPS.

If you share your domain I will have a look

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It’s The site isn’t fully functional, in fact I’m in the process of doing a complete overhaul, but I want to get rid of the Not Secure designation in Chrome. It doesn’t show up when I use the Safari browser. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

If this problem would be related/caused by CloudFlare it wouldnt mind which briwser you use.
Chrome is more strict when it comes to mixed content then Safari is.

You problem is: your domain

is set to “http” instead of “https”.

Please change the Schema to “https” so the links will be generated with https and are using SSL.
Hope this helps

I’ll try it, thanks.

Did this work for you?

I can’t seem to edit the information. How did you make these two fields accessible?

Then navigate to you storage/webspace (root folder) and search for the file “wp-config.php”.

Edit it and search inside it for this:

define( 'WP_HOME' , '');
define( 'WP_SITEURL' , '');`

and remove them. After this you can edit them from the backend.
Have fun

I will try this, but can you remind me of how to get here. It is extremely hard to get through to Godaddy Tech support at this time.

Can you show me how to get to the web storage/webspace folder?

GoDaddy needs to support access to your files there. Keep bugging them. We can’t assist with GoDaddy’s file access, as that’s not a part of Cloudflare.

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