Website still not working after NS change (2-3days ago)

2-3 days ago I changed the nameservers towards those of cloudflare, and since I cannot reach the website anymore. I’ve added all the DNS records that should be relevant. The message from cloudflare itself is:

Domain transfer complete!
Your transfer is complete, however Cloudflare may still be ensuring your nameservers are correct. If you see nameserver instructions below, then you can safely ignore them.

However in the dashboard it keeps saying pending nameserver update and the website can’t be reached. After 2-3 days still… The hosting company says that the NS points to those of cloudflare, and I’m at a loss at what I did wrong to make it go through cloudflare…and be able to be reached again. I need help with the setup. I think.

Website is

Output of page is " Offline
The server appears to be down. Please try again later.

What do I need to change. Should I post a screenshot of the DNS records in cloudflare and those of the host?

Your domain’s DNSSEC setup is broken

You need to make sure the DNSSEC settings on your registrar’s side match that what Cloudflare gave you.

That did the trick, thank you so much! Learned something today.

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