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I have created a Cloudflare account and changed the name servers acciordingly. It seems that the SSL certificate is working, but I still don´t receive the “Website is secure” lock. I have set up the options “Always use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS rewrites”. I have also checked in the code but it seems all pictures and files are in a “https” format.

Could you please help me? My website is

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Does your server IP address end in 192? If so, the fundamental issue is that your server itself is not secure, as it does not have a certificate to begin with.

Thank you, Sandro. Yes, the server IP ends with 192. I don´t have a SSL certificate on my server (I need to pay for that on my web host), that´s why I chose Cloudflare and took the option “flexible”. Is it not possible to receive a green secure look this way? I only have a private page without any shop functions.

Flexible should not be chosen I am afraid. Get a proper certificate on your server and switch to Full strict, otherwise your site cant be secure.

I have now installed a SSL certificate on my server and changed to “Full strict”, but I still don´t see the green secure lock:

Is there a further issue?

There are mixed content issues.

You can see the list of resources that cause the problem in the console of the browser.

How do I fix the SSL Mixed Content Error Message?

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