Website still not secure: Status of Certificate in Cloudflare is showing Active

The domain name is dnewsdaily .com

I already have searched for answers to a similar types of questions, and tried almost all the solutions provided. My domain hosting provider is IONOS and it’s not getting solved yet.

The options available with the questions asked at the below-mentioned URLs are not working for me.
community.Cloudflare .com/t/active-certificate-website-still-not-secure/5266

Cloudflare diagnostic-center/ URL is not working for me, it is redirecting to support.Cloudflare .com/hc/en-us

SSL was not activated on Cloudflare prior to this.

Yes, I tried it on different devices and browsers and in incognito mode also, but it’s not showing SSL activation.

There is no error only SSL is not getting activated on the domain I have mentioned before.

The DNS records for the root and www hostnames are currently :grey: on your dashboard. The Cloudflare managed certificates are only used for hostnames that are :orange:

There are several steps that will resolve this issue.

  • Configure a certificate on your Wordpress server. IONOS will help you do this.

  • Ensure the Encryption mode on the Cloudflare dashboard is "Full (Strict).

  • Set the DNS A and AAAA records for www and to be :orange:


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