Website status is showing Not Secure

I have been using Cloudflare since last year. The experience is amazing. Although, I’m facing issues with the SSL certificate. I already have an SSL certificate activated on my domain name but the website status is not secure.

I have changed the encryption mode to the full. But still no luck. Also, the SSL certificate is going to end the next month. So I have created the new certificate from my account. But whenever I tried to upload that certificate it’s showing me “The certificate does not match your selected domain”. I have attached a screenshot for your perusal.

Your SSL mode should be set to Full (Strict).

You might want to double-check that. :wink:


Hey sdayman,

Thank you for your reply. I am attaching the screenshot. Please have a look into it. !
Whenever I tried adding the new certificate to the server, I’m facing a “The certificate does not match your selected domain” error.

And as per your suggestion if I select my SSL mode to Full(strict) then my website will get block, right? Because my website is currently showing not secure.


That screenshot does not show the error you described.

What certificate are you trying to add to your server?

Cloudflare can generate a certificate for sites :orange: proxied by Cloudflare.

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Hey sdayman,

Sorry for the late reply. I have attached the error screenshot for your perusal.

I was trying to add the Cloudflare SSL certificate and got this error. Also, the current status is not secure.

Which domain did you enter while generating an origin certificate in Cloudflare?


I have only one domain in my cloudflare account i.e And I have selected the same domain while creating the origin certificate.

I would guess that because you generated a wildcard certificate, your cpanel wants the cert to specifically include ‘cpanel’ ‘autodiscover’, etc. The origin cert you created only contains and * Not a long list of subdomains.

Hey sdayman,

Thank you for your reply. Could you please give me stepwise solutions?

Any update on this?

Not since my second response which already included step by step instructions.

Hey sdayman,
Thank you for your mail. I have uploaded the origin certificate in my cpanel. Let’s see what happens next.

Hello There,

I have set the SLL preference to “Full (Strict)”.

I have one edge certificate, one client certificate & one origin certificate activated but still, my website is “Not Secure”.

I have tried everything but no luck. Please look into it and revert me.

Try to ping or nslookup your website. What IP address you get?

Full (Strict) is the only good setting, so I’m glad you’ve selected that. Your site looks good to me. ‘www’ redirects to the apex domain and shows a secure connection:

Eric’s suggestion to look up the IP address from your computer is the next step. You can also see the IP address from your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) in the Network tab.

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Hey sdayman & erictung,

Thank you for your reply.
I have tried loading my website on the different browser as well as on different IP’s. It’s still showing me not secure.

What to do now? Please guide me.

I just noticed that your website is not redirecting HTTP to HTTPS.

Turn this setting on:

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Darn my Firefox that automatically tries HTTPS first. I keep missing stuff like that when I don’t test from the command line. :+1:

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It’s a good thing though.

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