Website SSL problem - purchased SSL

I have a sectigo positive ssl DV certificate which is installed on my server. It works and everything is fine. Now, i really want to use cloudflare for the protections but every time I un-pause the proxy (cloudflare service) it says there is some problem with the cipher and the ssl but when i turn on universal ssl it doesn’t use my ssl installed on my server. I want to use all the time my certificate or for the communication between the client and the cloudflare servers it will use your ssl (universal) and between my server it will use my ssl.

What is the name of the site? And, what is the exact error message? Is it cipher mismatch error?

My site is: Millylearn(.)com
And yes I get cipher mismatch.
Now my cloud fare is turned off, but I really want to try and overcome this issue to use again the service.

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