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I just added my domain to Cloudflare. It’s a wordpress blog with 17 posts. I’m using premium Wp-Rocket plugin for speed optimization. After all setup, speed is much down and it takes 22.8 seconds to see content on my site, according to Cloudflare dashboard. What could be the reason?


What DNS are you using? It could possibly be the DNS.
What hosting provider are you using? What are the specs?

Cloudflare won’t necessarily speed up any website without proper caching. You can either use a WordPress caching plugin or configure Cloudflare to cache appropriately.

You can use this guide to cache with Cloudflare

Additionally, will host a WordPress site for free and there’s unlimited bandwidth on Automattic’s worldwide network with caching. Might consider checking that out if you can’t fix the issue and want an easier solution.

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Namecheap DNS

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