Website Speed Issue

The image of my website are making my site slow when using cloudflare. On average image has 3.5 Seconds wait

I have also tried page rule to cache all image resources but no luck.

Here’s how page load when Cloudflare is bypassed

First I thought it might be because Cloudflare hasn’t cached resources yet but even after couple of days performance is same. What can i do?

That site isn’t currently proxied through Cloudflare, so I can’t test it out and offer suggestions.

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Thank your for your response. I have changed it, can you try now?

Most of your static resources are cached quite well. If you did a Re-Test in GTMetrix, you’d see improvement.

The default.png file has two cache-control headers, so that’s probably why Cloudflare doesn’t cache it. Once those static resources are cached, subsequent visitors through that same edge server will receive cached files, but they don’t stay cached for long if they’re not frequently used. That’s why a couple of days later the performance is the same.

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Now thats amazing. I have removed the 2nd header from default.png and tried ran gtmetrix couple of times but the time on that image is same?

Also can you tell me how the magic happened? I also have some other subdomains that are showing same result?

I still see two cache-control headers. It would also help if you turned on “Always Use HTTPS” in the SSL/TLS section’s Edge Certificates section. “Automatic HTTPS Rewritees” is also good to enable there as well.

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Yes i enabled that because i realized that the document time has changed dramatically from 233mx to 1.2 s.

I have enabled Always Use HTTPS.

Edit: I have removed the 2nd header.

Can I get your input on this please?

Can anyone help me on this? I have 6 subdomains with same issue? I have tried different combinations of page rules but still no luck?

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