Website some pages looking weird

Hey, I have a problem on my website.

Some pages looking weird after some time, like the header is not in place etc. I asked DIVI how to fix this they said the following: “It’s just the cache issue. I would suggest you try to contact the Cloudflare server provider and ask them to fix that cache issue or ask them how to do settings to automatically clear the Cloudflare cache.”

So anybody have a solution for this how can I do this?

You can certainly clear the cache on Cloudflare’s side

but I somewhat doubt that will be the reason.

What’s the domain?

Hey, I know how to cache. But I mean automatically cache how to do that? Because now visitors will see problems you know sometimes.

I am not quite sure what you are saying, but if you want to clear the proxy cache the aforementioned link will allow you to do so. Otherwise you can also use the API to clear the cache.

Again, what’s the domain and what’s the issue?

domain - like I said on some pages there comes issues with the website design. But when I go in siteground CLOUDFLARE and purge cache, then it looks good again. But after some days it again changes. So I need to solve this by purging the cache automatically or something.

Well, right now it looks all right. You need to post the exact URL when there’s an issue.

As you are using Wordpress, you could also check out APO. Another thing is that you are caching everything, which certainly could keep your site on outdated content, especially here APO might be useful.

You also seem to be using Railgun, which was most likely configured by your host. As you are on a partner setup, it is probably best to clarify these issues with your host.

Thank you for your reply. What is APO exactly and is Railgun causing problems? Sorry I’m not really a developer and don’t know to much.

I am not saying Railgun is the issue, it’s just not the most common setup and probably because of your partner integration. As I said, you best contact your host in this particular case.

Without details on what the issue is, I am afraid it is impossibl say anything more.

okay, yeah I use Siteground, SG optimizer would you still recommend APO getting it? It seems good. Thanks for advice!

It really depends on your requirements. I am not sure if you have it with a partner setup in the first place, but again something to clarify with your host.

It would just take automatically care of caching issues, if that really is the issue.

actually that’s not the only issue, also pagespeed ‘problems’ on mobile while desktop is good and speed should be faster on both you know. If that APO would help it would be amazing. Again thank you for your time!

APO can help you there, but it’s not a magic wand either. This really is best clarified with your host first, they might even know what that issue could be.

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