Website Slowness

Hello Community Members,

Thank you so much for this great community.

Can you please suggest what I can do to increase my Website Performance? It is currently rated “D” on pingdom.

Please share your website URL. Without it, we can only speculate.

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Sorry about that. I forgot to include the link in initial post.

Here is the website link:

[type or paste code here](

Your biggest slowdown is your initial page response time. Here in the UK, I get around 1.5-2s response time on your site. Cloudflare isn’t going to be able to improve that much, outside of you implementing something like APO for caching full page content.

Outside of that, you’re loading >400kB of compressed JavaScript spread across 12 files, >330kB of CSS spread across 9 files, and 2.2MB of images spread across nearly 30 files. Doing a coverage report in Chrome, you can see that so much of the loaded content is unused. Cloudflare can’t fix this either. Cloudflare is making these files available faster, but you’re still loading so much unused content.

Running a Lighthouse report on your site, there’s lots of other issues too.

You need to spend some time optimising your origin. Implement APO as I linked previously will improve things by caching full pages of content, but I would still recommend you start with a Lighthouse report and work your way through each of these things on your origin first.

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