Website Sign in issue

Website is not capable to sign in after Cloudflare.
Otherwise sign in working well.
But with Cloudflare I cant sign in web my website.

For starters I would recommend to verify your site security as you seem to have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare as well as an expired certificate on your server. Neither is secure.

I recommend to pause Cloudflare and fix the server.

Checked everything. Issue only with Cloudflare.

Can you pause Cloudflare in that case?


This is the error after disabled Cloudflare.

But Cloudflare is using its own certificate.

Right, that’s the issue I referred to. You need to fix this first, do not unpause Cloudflare and talk to your host and make sure you have a secure certificate. Once your site loads fine, the login will probably also work.

Okay I will do, then I will let you know brother.

Though you unpaused Cloudflare. So pause it again and then talk to your host.


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