Website showing stripped down version when using Cloudflare

I appreciate anyone who might know whats going on here.

So when I use cloudflare to proxy my traffic, and then I visit my site in incognito mode, I see a stripped down version of my site. Basically the entire menu shows as urls in a directory format, images and content are now aligned to the left, and overall the site is missing a lot of it’s functionality.

Then when I switch these from proxied to DNS only, the site loads everything correctly.

Iv cleared the cache and disabled the minify/java/css function on cloudflare but still no luck. I have Caching Level set to basic No query string, and Browser Cache Expiration set to 1 month.

Any insight would be great.


That sounds like mixed content, can you share the name of the domain?

You can find this in a :search:, but some details here. Mixed content errors mean that your website is being loaded over HTTPS but some of the resources are being loaded over HTTP. To fix this you will need to edit your source code and change all resources to load over a relative path, or directly over HTTPS.

For example, if you load your images with a full URL:

<img src="" />

You would want to change this to:

<img src="//" />

By removing the http:, the browser will use whichever protocol the visitor is already using. An alternative option would be to enable the Automatic HTTPS Rewrites feature that can potentially fix these errors for you automatically. Do be aware that resources loaded by JavaScript or CSS will not be automatically rewritten and mixed content warnings will still appear.

See this Community Tip for further details

Hey Cloonan,
Thanks for the reply, it was very helpful. I fixed the insecure content on the site and now everything works perfectly.

I do have another question though. Maybe you can provide some insight.
I am now proxying via Cloudflare, also I have a autoptimize wordpress plugin installed for optimizing and caching. However when I check my site speed at, it has an extremely slow “wait” time.

Do you think this has anything to do with my site, Cloudflare or with my hosting, or all of the above? I don’t have too many plugins on the site. I feel that maybe this is an issue with with how my caching is being served or with my host.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you again.

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