Website showing strange error "Please Surf Safely! This website is prohibited for viewership in Pakistan." when using www in URL, but loading fine without www in URL - (


My domain is

When i am visiting my website with www in domain URL (, i’m getting a strange error;

Please Surf Safely
This website is not accessible.
The site you are trying to access contains content that is prohibited for viewership in Pakistan.

While on the other hand, when i am accessing my website without www in the domain URL (, the website is loading just fine.

Please see the attached Error screenshot for reference.

Can you please help me fix this strange issue? My customers visit my website on daily basis, and i don’t know what is causing this strange behavior on my website.

Best regards,
Irfan Tariq

The website is loading just fine WITHOUT www in the domain URL ( ). Please see the screenshot below for reference.

This is a really strange issue for me. Can anyone please help me fix this issue for my company website? It’s really important and urgent for me.

If I open or, I see the same and there is a redirect from www to non-www.

May I ask if the issue is fixed?
Seems to me like you were missing an A www record in the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

Otherwise, regarding the error you are seeing when you access from your country, I am afraid this is related to origin host / server, or some firewall running on it which prevents access for specific countries.

@fritex thank you so much for responding to my thread.

I still have the same error on my www domain URL (… It’s not fixed.

The www url is NOT redirecting to the non-www URL for me. I’ve the code to redirect the www url to my non-www url in my .htaccess file, but it’s not working for me.

Please see the latest screenshot below:

The issue is still there.

via: 1.0 middlebox what is this?

Have you tried using different Web browser? Or maybe a Private Window, or even some kind of a VPN connection if possible?
Maybe a mobile network (cellular, 4G LTE)?

Here’s the screenshot of the DNS records for this domain in Cloudflare dashboard.

Here’s the screenshot of my .htaccess file where i have the code to redirect www version to the non-www version of my domain URL.

I’ve no idea @fritex what this via: 1.0 middlebox is… :pensive:

When the www version of URL is entered in a PRIVATE Window, with a VPN Connection turned ON, the www URL redirects to the non-www URL which is loading just fine.

But, when the VPN connection is turned off, in the same Private Window or a new one, the www URL still shows the same error.

The issue is SAME on a cellular 4G LTE network.

This isn’t from Cloudflare, looks like your ISP or something is blocking it (possibly by the order of the Pakistan government). The “prohibited for viewership in Pakistan” makes that clear

I’m not really sure how you would go about appealing this, I’d maybe chat with your ISP and see if you get anywhere


@WalshyMVP thank you so much for responding to my problem.

My laptop is connected with an ISP that goes with the name “Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)”, while i’ve checked my website on my Android Phone (with Mobile Data ON having GSM network that goes by the name “Zong”), and on my Android Tablet as well (with Mobile Data turned ON having a different GSM network named “Jazz”)…

This is a very strange thing for me, as i’ve the same DNS records and same settings for my other website which doesn’t have this issue. redirects to and it’s loading just fine.

Is there any way i can redirect the to The redirect code in .htaccess file is not working for me, i think…

I don’t want to use the version of my website. If that version is showing an error then that’s not a big deal for me. I just want to make sure that all my Local Pakistani users and International users, ALL get redirected to the non-www version without needing any VPN connection where there’s no issue and error (

Use the Page Rules Cloudflare app to add a redirect there before the request hits your site.

it seems like you found the solution. Can you please guide me through it?

Kindly, see below instructions:

Useful links:

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