Website showing something else after domain renewal

Hi. Renewed my domain today with BlueHost and its not showing up only on my broadband/network. All I see is a page with links (something like when the domain is for sale).

The website works fine everywhere else around the world, only not on my IPS. I cleared the cache and cookies.

I contacted by host and they say everything is fine.

Maybe theres a problem with DNS?

Please help

Did your domain expire before you renewed it? DNS could take a day to refresh. What’s the domain?

Hi, thanks for reply

I renewed it 3 days after it expired (it was working on last night)

My domain is , its working for my friends but all I see is Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Due to DNS caching, it can take up to 48 hours for nameserver changes to take effect. Not a lot you can do about it unless you manage your own DNS servers.

but the website works everywhere around the world, only showing this stuff on our internet network.

Our website is hosted by BlueHost, and I’m not sure if I can manage DNS.

But I didnt change the DNS settings, only renewed the domain name.

So it’s just your internal network where it’s not working? You should probably bug your network admin.

Global DNS looks good, and the site is working for me.

When your domain expired, your domain registrar replaced the authoritative nameservers with their own (these point your domain to pages that have ads and maybe domain renewal reminders). When you renew, they change back.

But most TLDs have 24-48 hour TTLs on authoritative records, it can take up to the length of the TTL before the changes are noticed by your recursive DNS server(s).

Every DNS resolver has a separate cache, you likely need to wait until the records expire out from your resolver’s cache. This is apparently not the same resolver as your friends use.

Yes, its not working only in our office with internet from Virgin Media, I checked on 3 laptops and its all the same. It works fine when I connected on my phone with internet from different provider.

I called them and they dont know yet how to fix it (they will call me back).

You mean DNS resolver on our broadband network?

Probably. Or whatever resolver you use, this is probably provided by your ISP (but not necessarily).

I dont have any experience with DNS resolver. Could you tell me please what other options are available?

No action is needed, wait for the records to expire.

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The good news is it’s working for the rest of the world.

And considering it’s working for everybody else, you might consider a better DNS service…like

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You may have cached entries on your local machine (ipconfig /flushdns or similar) to flush your local cache. Or it could be your ISP or whatever DNS resolver is specified for your network has the old/bad entries cached. Harder to get your ISP to clear the cache unfortunately . but you can certainly ask… and it appears you have.

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