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We recently enabled Cloudflare and having an issue with outdated info on our home page. We are a radio station that displays the current on-air program and this information has been reported as outdated. Since I was not able to duplicate for myself, I set up hourly screengrabs from both a location that loads via the public Cloudflare DNS and a location with DNS pointing directly to the webserver for the domain. Sure enough, the Cloudflare cache is showing outdated at times.

For now, I added a Cache Level Bypass in the Page Rules to not cache the home page and that seems to work. Is there a better way to handle this or do we need to make sure any dynamic content bypasses the cache?

Hi, Cloudflare doesn’t cache dynamic content unless you have a page rule with “cache everything” enabled.

You can check what is cached here:
Which file extensions does Cloudflare cache

If you have a page rule telling Cloudflare to cache everything, you would need another page rule to bypass whatever you don’t want to cache or you would need to purge the cache after an update.


Okay, thanks. I do have a page rule recommended to be setup for our WordPress website following this:

So, that explains the issue and it appears to have resolved the issue by another page rule to bypass the cache for I noticed that adding index.php on the end of that didn’t really work, is it okay without? Seems to work.

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