Website showing not registered

Why my website is not showing.its showing me not registered domain check my nameserver also https://whois. Its registered. Website but i dont know why show me this not registered Domain

How recently did you register the domain? I’m not 100% sure about this, but Cloudflare might not actually check with the WHOIS service every time you try and add the domain, and it might take a while for Cloudflare to recheck it.

24 hours. Spent man already since i have created domain. But still. Same

DNS can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate. Right now, it looks like it still has a ways to go.


Bro Does this matter ??really ?

Apparently so.


I dont think so mate maybe i will get reply from any head admin or admin will see that they say about this issue.

@sdayman is one of the most experienced members here on the forums. You are certainly welcome to wait in the hope of getting another reply, but I doubt it will be any different. The domain still has the same issue posted above.


Plus, on top of what @sdayman and @domjh already said anyhow (and which could not be more spot on), you’ll also want to fix your SSL setup on your server. Right now your site is insecure and that wouldn’t work on Cloudflare anyhow.

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I have updated ssl will be reflected soon it can happened due to ? Ssl ? and why website showing it not safe can u check reasons

Afraid your site is still not working on SSL.

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Check again sir.

Why u refering your website ? Tho ?

This Issue has been Resolved.