Website Showing Mobile version in desktop search


I am planning to move our website( to Cloudflare. Currently, it might have any issue and showing mobile version( in desktop search. You can also test it by searching “zipper machine” keyword in your web browser. When I move to CloudFlare, Is it possible to show an appropriate version for an appropriate device. For example, If user searching from mobile we want to show mobile version and if desktop we want to show desktop version. Please reply and help us to overcome that issue.

Thank you

Cloudflare won’t magically fix your current issue, so you’ll need to work that out before moving to Cloudflare.

However, Cloudflare can auto-redirect Mobile users to a mobile subdomain:

Thank You so much Mr. sdayman,

It would really help me a lot if you know something about fixing that irritating bug, I received complaints from my company already and I am in pressure to fix that issue asap. But I don’t have any clue.

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