Website showing from old hosting, despite complete CF setup

Our domain is registered via A2hosting, where we had all our DNS settings [before changing NS to CF].

We built our site with Elementor and HAD hosting with them:
so our A record [in the DNS settings at A2hosting] our pointed to Elementor page builder.

We changed the NS to cloudflare, because we now go with WP Engine.
The NS are propagated, we got the '‘account is active now’ email.
We also setup the CNAMES as described in the WP Engine setup docs.
They now point to our production site on wpengine.
We did this whole setup on Saturday noon, so it’s 48 hours ago.

When I go on the URL it still shows the website hosted with Elementor hosting.

I thought if the NS are now pointing to CF, then the old DNS entries are no longer effective?
Is that an incorrect assumption?

Why do we see the site still coming from Elementor hosting?

What did we do wrong?
And how can we fix this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am having nervous breakdowns because I don’t know what’s going on and WP engine could not help.

Thanks so much!

If you “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the lower right corner of the Overview tab for your domain at, does the proper site begin showing up after the five minute propagation time?

Thank you for your quick response. I did not expect that so fast.
I paused Cloudflare on Site - and yes, now it is showing
on firefox:

Unfortunately now I understand less than before:
Does ‘pause CF’ mean that the original DNS settings [in A2hosting] are active again?

on chrome it says:

It’s possible you had your site hosted with another Cloudflare partner that did not release your domain when you moved away.

Open a ticket via email explaining the above and post the ticket # here: support AT cloudflare DOT com

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Good morning Sdayman,

Thanks again for the quick response.
No, we did not have any CF involved in our prior hosting.

The domain is registered via A2hosting.
And all DNS settings ran through them prior to switching the NS to our current CF account.

Should I still contact the support team?

It looks like at one point you use A2 Hosting’s Cloudflare setup, which would explain the problem.

Yes, open that ticket.


Thank you for your help!!! This gives me hope that I can somehow solve that problem and get our website up again!
Wishing you a relaxed week!


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