Website showing error 1016

My website ( is showing error 1016, origin DNS error. I need help with this.

Can anybody please help?

Normal cause is you have a CNAME DNS entry that points to an address that itself does not resolve. Check your CNAME entry is correct if you are using one.

Please what can i include in the CNAME entry? and the A,AAAA also.

A/AAAA/CNAME records need to point at wherever your domain is being hosted. You should be able to get the information from them as to what you need to set.

Okay. I will have to contact where i got my domain?

You need to contact whoever is hosting your website (that is, has the files that show your website) and ask what entries to use.

I have access to my domain dashboard, can you help out?

I’ve been trying. Not responding still.

You have changed something. The site is now redirecting back to itself. You need to set SSL/TLS to “Full (strict)” here…

Thank you. it worked. I’m grateful.

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