Website showing blank white page -


Hi there. My website is currently not workgin

All I am seeing now is just a blank white page on my Google Chrome browser.

I have checked with our Server Hosting provider and they replied our IP is responding to SSH. I can still access the Control Panel and was advised by the Server Host provider to check for any OS error logs.

Could someone please advise me on what should I do??

Need some help urgently. Thanks


First, it is relatively irrelevant if the machine responds to SSH, thats a completely different service than HTTP. Second, it does not respond to SSH (unless there is some IP block or different port).

Third, the issue at hand is on your server. Something must have happened to make it return an empty page. You either need to investigate that yourself or contact your host to check what happened.

Sorry, but thats nothing anybody here could reasonably comment on. What type of hosting is it?


Wholesale Internet.

Ok, i’ll have to investigate that myself. Thanks for your help


Not the provider, the type of hosting. Is it shared hosting?

Sure, if you can provide some additional information (e.g. what was changed) maybe someone here could dig deeper, but right now debugging this yourself (or getting your host to do it) is the most viable option.


It’s Instant Dedicated Server


Alright, and I assume unmanaged, right? In that case it would be really up to you to find the issue and not your host. What changes have you made recently? I’d check out the log files first.


It’s unmanaged. I was also advised by the Host provider to check the logs


I’m not sure where to check the log files. Is it normally found in the control panel?


Those links below:

They are still working … but not the main website. Still can’t find those logs


I’ve found a possible cause of this issue. Apparently it’s some sort of Wordpress plugin that caused the website to crash after the latest WooCommerce updates on our website. I’ve changed the folder name of the plugin and the website is now back online.


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