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Hi !

Website is not working. It has previously hosted by crazydomains but the IT person we got hired moved to Cloudflare.
What could be the reason and how to resolve?

I’m supposing you meant the IT person got fired, and not hired.

Your domain is still registered with CrazyDomains.

Chances are, CrazyDomains is still hosting the website: your former “IT person” may have only used Cloudflare to protect the site. It’s also possible that the website (not the domain) was moved from CrazyDomains to a different hosting provider.

But Cloudflare cannot be hosting the site, as this is a WordPress site – and Cloudflare doesn’t offer traditional hosting services capable of hosting a WordPress site.

As to why the site is down, it seems the WordPress installation is broken – possibly you need to update some plugin or the active theme. For help to fix the WordPress problem, you’d normally go to the WordPress support forum here: Forums |

Here is your todo list:

  1. First, let’s see if we can restore your site quickly. Login to your WordPress site dashboard here: If that works, try to update WordPress, plugins and the site’s active theme.
  • This may fix the site. But it’s also possible you may need access to the hosting account to even login or update that site.
  1. Whether #1 fixes your site or not, you need to sort out who is hosting the site and get access to the hosting account. If you have access to the CrazyDomains account, login to see if you still have an active hosting plan there.

  2. Once you sort out the hosting provider, you should also work on gaining control over your domain’s DNS now. You may either switch the nameservers to your hosting provider’s nameservers (cutting off Cloudflare completely), or if you want to continue to use Cloudflare to protect your site, add your site to your new Cloudflare account that you control. See: Add a site · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

Good luck!

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