Website showing 520 error

Hi there,

My website is displaying a 520 error since 2-3 days. When I pause Cloudflare, the website starts to work fine.

It is hosted on a GoDaddy Shared Ultimate server. I contacted them today via call and the agent said that I need to remove Cloudflare nameserver from my domain in GoDaddy account and switch back to default nameserver given by them. And after 90 minutes, again change it to Cloudflare’s nameserver. He said it’ll reset it and the problem will be fixed.

I asked him if he could whitelist Cloudflare’s IPs, but he said he couldn’t

Is this going to fix the problem? What is causing this issue?


Yes, I’m using Cloudflare’s free SSL. Also, Origin Certificate from Cloudflare in installed on the server.

So you just get a certificate warning when you pause Cloudflare?

No, I was not getting any warnings and site was working fine. It also seemed a bit faster.

Now, as I have removed Cloudflare’s nameserver, I’m getting warning.

You must have got a warning when you paused it and you have an Origin certificate installed. Something cannot be right about your description.

What’s the domain?

No, I didn’t saw any warning at all. Maybe it might be due to cache.

But on my other website, the same thing was happening and I paused Cloudflare on it. I just checked it from a test tool, it’s also not showing any warnings. You can check it here -


“What’s the domain?”

It is


Your domain seems to load fine over Cloudflare


You seem to have a redirection loop however. Change your encryption mode to “Full strict” and thank Cloudflare for defaulting to an insecure mode :wink:

I just changed it to “Full Strict”. So was this 520 error due to it? Is it going to fix the error? Do you suggest installing a paid SSL certificate to the server?

Ps. I’m also using Ezoic on this site if it helps.

It now actually loads fine via Cloudflare


Okay great. So I’ll switch back the nameserver to Cloudflare again and see it the errors shows again.

Yes, but it shouldn’t show an errors. Should it later start again then your host might disable your site when you use Cloudflare’s nameservers. That is something only your host can fix however.

520s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error and are in almost every case always an issue on the host site. Cloudflare can’t fix anything here.

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