Website Show: Error 525 - SSL handshake failed -(Google Site))

On 15th Feb 2020, I just edit update and save my website, then show Error 525 - SSL handshake failed. the website always use and show normally.

Domin bought from Godaddy. then DNS setting on CloudFlare. Use google site connect it. I never changed anything , for this issue, I had read and check all information from Google site help centre, but can’t help.

I had no idea how to do it, please assistant to solve problem, thanks.

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Have you solved the problem? I have same issue as use Google Site connect to Cloudflare. If you successful. please help me to solve problem. it is urgently, thank so much. please give me your favor. thanks.

I try your way, but can’t solved problem, always 525 error.

What happened when you tried Step 8?

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I had try all steps, but always show Error 525 on my website. I saw lots of answers, they restart Cloudflare, how to restart? Would you give me a favor? thanks.

I had try. stop to use Cloudflare. turn back to Godaddy, It was same . maybe is not problem from Cloudflare? But website domin email is keep moving.

Leave it set to GoDaddy until you can fix it. Once it’s fixed, set it back to Cloudflare.

ok, I will do it, for Website relation technology ,I am not professional, May I asked. It would be problem from Google site(My website side)?

Your server does not have a valid SSL/TLS certificate for HTTPS.

Please see these two screenshot. I have these two already. but It does not work always. I had not change anything , this Error 525 just show suddenly


I had solved problem. But I do not know why this reason. Before I did not change anything, Website got Error 525 suddenly. I found problem today, then home page worked.

On Cloudflare DNS set page, Change two Proxy Status of CNAME from Proxied to DNS Only, then work now. But I never change this before. Bring this method solved way to you for sample of lessons.

Thanks your time for help me to solve problem, I appreciate. Thank you sdayman

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