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Hello Cloudflare Community,

I recently upgraded to the APO plan but I am having the below cache issue: [website url]

x-cache-status MISS
pragma no-cache

I read through many forums, tried to deactivate WordPress plugins, uninstalled all other cache tools except for LiteSpeed with QUIC account.

The DNS address is set up correctly, showing as approved with the orange cloud icon, and the name servers are pointed to Cloudflare.

When I checked with the DreamPress hosting, they mentioned the following:

"I went ahead and, as discussed, started disabling plugins and even swapped the active theme. However, the cache was still being bypassed. (Their response: At this point, it’s possible the issue is caused by Cloudflare’s APO. Please try disabling it and then purging their cache, give it about 15 minutes, then test if the site’s cache is still being bypassed. Should that be the case, please consider pausing Cloudflare altogether, as it’s possible the cache response we’re getting while testing is being cached on their end.) I tried this but it still did not fix the issue.

Although I get - CF-Cache-Status HIT, and cf-apo-via tcache - I don’t think my website is being correctly cached, although it does seem faster than before. Can you guide me to fix this issue?"

Short version: There’s nothing you need to do. The page is cached for your visitors.

x-cache-status is coming from your origin server. You can tell that APO is working because of the cf-cache-status HIT and the cf-edge-cache cache,wordpress.

At the time Cloudflare cached your page, the origin did not have the page cached (it may have it cached now), but Cloudflare isn’t going to check back with your origin because it’s already cached here. That x-cache-status isn’t going to change unless the Cloudflare cache expires, and the next time it checks your origin, the origin would have it cached.

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