Website server is down

Hello can someone assist me with this?

Hello there,

The site is accessible from my end. Are you still facing the issue? Would you check this #tutorial for the resolution?

A few tips to look into & solve:

You can always :search: for more answers in the forum

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Hello thanks for your reply…
This issue don’t show always… It just come up at its own… It’s not consistent

That’s correct & so is the definition of that error:

A 520 error occurs when the connection started on the origin web server, 
but that the request was not completed.

Obviously, it is intermittent. You can read the linked tutorial for brief explanation.

So I removed my site from Cloudflare just to be sure… How long does it take to propagate fully? It’s been 5hrs now

Seem your domain expired contact name cheap or your registrar sorry check your name cheap domain panel and your contabo server

It can take upto 24 to 48 hrs max. However, it can be within few hours as well. You can check the status here:

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That’s quite inadequate I assume. You can check the whois info here:

If u can access domain panel then u can change ns to Cloudflare while u are already at Cloudflare u can point a record to everywhere

Nah it’s still on

check once again at your domain panel namecheap because it is not normal in namecheap take so long. your cf not in custom nameserver section. unles you are in business plan

Just did its still active

did you check your domain panel

change to cf provided ns
perhaps this is your cf ns

I already changed ns

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