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Hi all,

My food blog seems to be running slow on mobile device and shows a low score on pagespeed insights

Can someone recommend some plugins to fix these issues ?

No one ever gets a good score on PageSpeed Insights with many images on the page. I have a website with many text-only pages that score 76 for mobile, and there are recommendations against the use of Google Fonts, Google Analytics etc. To put the PageSpeed Insights test in perspective, you can try the following exercise: Find a few other food blogs on Google by searching something like “best food blogs”, then open one of the results and copy/paste each of the first 5 or o blog URLs into the PSI test page. Compare results with yours. You’ll feel a lot better about your results.

Your website loads fast. Your home page has 32 image files, and the page loads in less than 3 seconds using a desktop over a fast connection. Now, obviously this won’t be the case if I tried it using 4G, let alone 3G. For these, you would probably benefit most by lazy loading them and optimizing the image size based on the screen size of the request, something that Mirage would be the best choice as far a Cloudflare is concerned.

It’s hard to think of a single plugin that will to the magic. Actually, a standard WordPress installation with a Twenty Nineteen theme lazy loads images by default, so I imagine your theme or some plugin is working against this. Other than Mirage, the one Cloudflare resource that made a substantial difference for mobile visits to a image and JS intensive website of mine was Rocket Loader, but you’ll have to change some settings on Autoptimize to make it work well. Please see this recent discussion:

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Ok thank you for your reply I will give this a go soon.

I’m having more problems with my website not sure if you can advise me on what i need to do?

My website was hosted on GoDaddy up until yesterday when I transferred it to Inmotion hosting. I used a migration plugin to load the files back onto the website after adding the website onto inmotion hosting. Earlier today I changed the nameservers back to Cloudflare and within the past 20 minutes I have uninstalled wordpress for the website on the godaddy hosting and now the website doesn’t work. Do you know why this could be ?

No, I’m sorry I can’t help with this other than suggest that you make the best use of Inmotion’s promise of “FREE* No-Downtime Website Transfers”, which is apparently available on all their plans.

Perhaps you may want to revert the Godaddy website if you or they have a backup, then let the Inmotion tech support handle the transfer for you.

Sounds to me like you haven’t updated the DNS records in Cloudflare to point to your new host.


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