Website running on unknown domain

Good evening,

I have a website that runs on. When I google for now, I notice that my website is running on a domain called I don’t know this domain. How is that possible? If who clicks on what the request is executed on my server. How can I prevent this?

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I think its CNAME.

And how can I prevent that?

idk for sure.

Is Netcup your host?

Yes it is

And I assume your server IP address ends in 115, right?

Yes correct

In that case this is not an issue with Cloudflare or with that other site, but your server is misconfigured and responds to all requests and not only those for your domain specifically.

You’d need to change your server configuration in this case. And while at it, also configure HTTPS properly on your server. Right now there is no certificate and your site is insecure.


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