Website Returning 404 Page Errors

What is the name of the domain?

What is the error number?


What is the error message?

404 Not Found - The resources requested could not be found on this server!

What is the issue you’re encountering

All my inner pages return a 404 page error many times. Home page does not return 404 page error. Keep reloading/refreshing the same inner page and the 404 page error eventually appears, sometimes sooner. Open the Attachment.

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

I went through all the troubleshooting steps on my website to resolve the issue. I hired two 404-page error specialists who had access to my website login, Cloudflare login, and cPanel login. Cannot resolve the issue. This issue comes down to either Cloudflare or my hosting service.

Also, when I added my CracklePop TV website to Cloudflare the second time, the last time being today (7/10/24), added the DNS records and nameservers at Godaddy, my site appeared instantly online without any 404 page errors. The site was fast, and loaded smoothly without any errors. I thought the issue was resolved. But 15 minutes later, all those 404 page errors start appearing again when reloading an inner page repeatedly.

I had someone else do a test at a different location and device. That person said the 404 page errors appeared also.

What feature, service or problem is this related to?

I don’t know

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

Don’t know and am not sure Cloudflare is responsible.

Screenshot of the error

I like to add that this 404-page error issue is very strange. I resolve 404 page errors in the past on my other website. I had to reset the permalink. But this 404 issue comes and goes.

Today, I tested my CracklePop inner pages and found no 404 page error after changing the nameservers from the hosting service with Cloudlare to my Cloudflare.

Next test came about 15 minutes later and started seeing many 404 inner page errors as before when kept reloading an inner page.

The next test came later on today. No 404 page errors appeared. This has now become an intermittent problem. I don’t know the origin that causing this problem. It’s a toss-up… Cloudflare, the hosting service/server, or both.