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I’m using the cloudflare. On my the Chrome browser, I open my website while I’m deploying new code to my server. When deploy done, My webpage return white website, there is not any content on the website. But on other browser, new content has been updated, my website work normal. How can I fix this problem?

You’re deploying this through Pages?

Does Chrome’s Dev Tools (F12) show anything in the Console?

If you need further assistance, please post the domain name.


  1. I am opening my website in chrome browser, then I deploy the new code version on my Digital Ocean server by Visual Code. Then my website will turn white without any content.
  2. After that, If I open the website in another browser like IE, the website still displays normally with the updated content.
  3. That means, there is no problem with the server, but the problem is with CloudFlare’s caching process.
  • If I clear my browsing history and cookies on Chorme, the site will work again.
  • Before, when I did not use CloudFlare, I was able to update the code on Digital Ocean server and open the browser in parallel, without any problems.
  1. What I fear is, when the user is accessing the web, and I deploy my new code to the server at the same time. They will also get the same error. And they can’t know to delete the history and cookies

How can I fix this problem? Is It to relate to cache? (Note: I didn’t turn on Development Mode while deploy new code)

I have solved this problem. I think it’s because cloudflare has cache enabled for my website. So while I deployed the new code version, it went white.

Therefore, for now I will enable Development Mode of cloudflare while deploying the code to the Digital Ocean server. And turn off Development Mode when deploying is complete. This problem will not occur.

Thank you for your support!

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