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Guy we did a Cpanel restore yesterday and now our page load times on GTMetrix have gone from 3.1s to 58.6s!! Do we have to do the CF setup again from scratch??

You shouldn’t have to change anything here. It’s just passing along information from your server, and caching some of it. As long as the IP address hasn’t changed, it shouldn’t matter.

What’s the domain?


There are no changes to the IP. There was a Wordpress update to 5.2.3 and I had to restore to a previous version through CPanel restore. However during the restore the only thing my
host asked me to do is pause the redirect in page rules. They didn’t ask me to disconnect or pause CF. Maybe that has corrupted something? Because a drop from 3s load time to 56s is all because of CF.


Performance tools like GTMetrix will base the load speed on when ALL resources are loaded. Your website could load in 0.1 seconds, but if one javascript takes 58 seconds, that will be the reported loading duration.

When I check your website from here, there is one script that took 1.5 minutes(!) to load:

The request above will not cache on Cloudflare because it contains no-cache headers. Furthermore, it seems to eventually redirect to

You need to identify the resources that take too long to load. Apart from cached resources, Cloudflare cannot serve your website any faster than it is served from your origin server.

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So why and how was my website doing 3.1s in GTMetrix before the restore and 50+s after restore? During the restore process we didn’t turn off CF, could that have corrupted something?

Well, a “restore” has nothing to do with Cloudflare. I guess you are restoring something on your server to a previous version? If you believe it’s Cloudflare related, you would need to “disable Cloudflare” temporarily and check again. The issue stems from the loading of one file (or more) on your website, regardless of Cloudflare.

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By disable you mean “pause cloudflare” from the overview page?

Yes, or you could just click the orange cloud in Cloudflare DNS settings, so that it turns grey. I am not sure if there is any difference between the two, but ultimately, they will both disable Cloudflare. Depending on your DNS, it might take a short while until the requests are not served through Cloudflare, so you might want to keep your network inspector tab open and check response headers to see if they are served from CF or not.

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