Website Responses somehow slow after installing cloudflare


I installed clouflare on my ecommerce website in the past Saturday, and the responses are very slow compared to the site without clouflare.

For testing I created a static .html file with no content on it. ( It takes Min - 90ms , Max - 500ms to respond )


In the same server I have the exact same file in other domain that doesn’t use cloulflare and it takes 5ms to 30ms to respond.

Is it normal ?

In general using Cloudflare does add some latency (how much depends on a lot of factors, which may even impact positively bringing the total latency down) because there is a step in-between. This step takes time and increases the path and the hop number, although the links it travels through, especially from the origin to Cloudflare itself should be better.

Also that seems like a 304, which isn’t really downloading the whole file. The question here becomes, what is the latency between you and your server and between the Cloudflare and you?

I noticed that too (the 304 status),

.php file example in the same server

.php file content :

Both domain without clouflare had the same performance in this test. I done it before installing .

Is the server local to you? As in the same location?

I’m from Portugal.

The server is from Lisbon (Portugal Capital) - I’m 400 km (±) away from the server.

Well then, 17ms is an impressive time to get a response from a remote server.

Can you try pinging the direct IP of the server and your domain while on Cloudflare?

Also try posting the result of your domain’s /cdn-cgi/trace results? Hide IP/website name if you need.

This is the results I got from gmetrix and webpagetest (they were better without cloulflare) :

Ping from my location :

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