Website resolves intermittently and varies among users

I have updated my nameserver records with my registrar to now use CloudFlare’s nameservers.

However, sometimes the dreaded “This site can’t be reached. xxxxx’s server IP address could not be found” error appears randomly and intermittently for my Google Cloud hosted website (GCE instance). Some users see this page, while some others are able to successfully connect. Personally, I experience same error like 5% of the time.

It looks like a DNS resolution issue to me. How can I resolve this fast? (Because I believe DNS propagation is already completed - site live for more than 48 hours). The website is, if that helps.


Resolves fine

There is a very good chance these issues are related to DNS propagation, but only the respective users and their ISP have influence on that.

However, your parent domain does seem to have some issues

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