Website Resolution Issues

When I moved my domain to here, my sites stopped working altogether. I’m just trying to figure out possible reasons as to why. From my point of view, it looks like Cloudflare is possibly doing some funky man-in-the-middle stuff which broke everything.

Changing my DNS servers back to what they were and pausing my site on here fixed the issues.

My site very basic - One IP and A record, and a bunch of CNAME records pointing back to it. My entire site is just a bunch of Dockers behind a Traefik proxy.

I’m not sure what “stopped working” and “broke everything” actually entails, but there are others who use Traefik:

Don’t think it has anything to do with what proxy I’m using.

Everything works without Cloudflare. Everything breaks with Cloudflare. What’s break is the sites simply refuse to load.

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