Website rerouted via IP in Chicago? Could this be my bottleneck and impact performance?

Hi there,

my actual question is quite simple, but I want to give you some context. My question in bold at the bottom.

I am looking into performance improvements of the WordPress site and tried a lot of variations when it comes to

  • Caching (Breeze Plugin as I am on Cloudways)
  • Minification CSS/JS (Breeze, Divi Minification settings, Cloudflare)
  • Render Blocking issues (followed Autoptimize and Async Javascript instructions)
  • Image optimization (still not using WebP format but working on it)
  • Cloudflare settings (Brotli, Railgun, …)

I also have Jetpack installed - I wanted to avoid it but it is unfortunately required for the WooCommerce Android app.

It’s actually a small webshop and I spent already way too much time figuring things out.

Now I noticed that the IP address is pointing to a server in Chicago.
The server/hosting is in Frankfurt, Germany.

I read about Cloudflare and that it uses Anycast DNS. So perhaps that is just normal behavior ?!

Could this be the bottleneck in my setup? The website visitors are in Austria, the server is in Germany but it gets rerouted via Chicago?!

I use an Origin Certificate by Cloudflare and added the certificate to Cloudways (hosting).
I probably just could use the free Let’s Encrypt certificate as well, but just wanted to try how this works with Origin Certificate by Cloudways.

That means I cannot just pause Cloudways anymore as the website would not be available anymore (at least that’s how I understood it so far).

Any suggestions? Can this be the issue or is it just how Cloudflare works?

Thanks a lot for any help and advice


Correct, Cloudflare is an anycast network. You can check which PoP you are being routed to by visiting and looking at the COLO= line

In my case it shows colo=FRA - which is exactly the origin of the server. That mean no need to further investigate into this direction, and the Chicago IP address is not an issue at all, right?

Correct, you could also run a ping or a traceroute/mtr to that IP if you want to be sure

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Ping to check if it takes longer than usual? I know traceroute, but need to read more about MTR.

Ping times look normal to me.

PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=59 time=27.455 ms

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