Website removed and re-added and now "pending nameserver update" with Cloudflare registered domain

My domain name: mostdev_com is registered with Cloudflare.
I had a website with this name in my dashboard, but i deleted it yesterday to start with a clean slate. I added the website again in my account, bus it keeps saying “pending nameserver update” and telling me i have to change nameservers in my registrar, even though the registrar is Cloudflare and i can’t edit anything in my registered domain in the dashboard.

Anybody an idea how to proceed?

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That action does not produce the results you were seeking. You won’t get an empty zone, and as you have discovered, you break your DNS. This can only be resolved through a registrar support request opened from your Cloudflare dashboard.

You can share the ticket number here for escalation.

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Thank you for your response.

Yes, i know now that this was not a smart move to delete the website instead of just deleting old dns records. Never too old to learn :slight_smile:

I made a support request with number: #3013004

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Update: Yesterday my support request was escalated to registrar support and quickly solved.

Protip: Never delete a website which uses a Cloudflare registered domain name!

Have a great Sunday!

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