Website Redirection Issue


I am experiencing an issue where all domains are being redirected to I have checked all files and folders, but there doesn’t seem to be any issue with them. Could you please help me understand what is happening with the websites?

Thank you.

You can check for redirects set up on Cloudflare here… (scroll down and check under bulk redirects as well)

What domains of yours are redirecting to that site?

Thanks for response,

No rediretion rules added

DId you check under the Single Redirects and Page Rules as well?

If you can give a domain that’s redirecting, it’s easier to look.

Yes checked no redirection rules added in cloudflare.

But i am unable to find solution

Check your origin server for redirects then. If you won’t give any affected domains, we can’t check for you.

no redirect added hosting side

I have checked all ok, issue from code side, I have resolved from debug code

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