Website redirection doesn't work


I can’t seem to configure my url: in the right direction, the url just doesn’t work. Could you tell me how to act please?

It works very well with www or simply

I can see that redirection from to is working.

Thank you,

you confirm that from to isn’t working ?

Yes ok for

But do you see for (without “www”)

Without the ‘www’, it’s not proxied by Cloudflare. But it loads.

Without “www” and without “https”

It not load for me

I’m afraid this isn’t something we can assist with, as Cloudflare is not proxying that hostname.

How cloudflare can proxying that hostname ?

Click on the DNS A and AAAA record(s) for to edit them. Then click on the :grey: so it switches to :orange: and then Save.

Website doesn’t work anymore :sweat_smile:

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