Website redirecting to

Whenever i am trying to open my website its redirecting to with white blank page. Initially i thought its a server issue but before contacting support i preferred to look at CloudFlare. It seems proxy in CloudFlare was the issue because when i stopped the CloudFlare proxy and purging the cache website started working again.

What is this and why it was happening to my website?

What’s the domain?

I’d first investigate

  1. If you are pointing to the wrong ip in your dns A record
  2. Malware scan on your server & devices

My website was working fine with CloudFlare, i don’t know what happened 2 days before it started showing blank white page and also redirecting me to domain

FYI: my website is working fine now after removing CloudFlare proxy and purging the cache.

My domain is

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Have you checked the points @cloonan mentioned? Have you changed any settings in Cloudflare or at your hosting provider around the time that this happened?

No i haven’t changed any setting in CloudFlare it was running fine. I have no idea what happened and started showing white blank page with page redirect to

In that case, if your origin IP is correct in Cloudflare’s DNS settings, there’s no reason why this would happen on the Cloudflare side. I’d recommend trying again and if you do see an issue, check in with your host.

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