Website redirected only on android device

Yesterday I migrated from google domain to cloudflare.
I changed nothing dns-wise and this is what it looks:

I use traefik and point www.mydomain.tld to linkstack (cant put image, apparently new users can only put one embedded image)

It works fine and all until my friend told me that if he open www.mydomain.tld on his android phone, it will automatically redirect to plex.mydomain.tld (family only)

I checked on my own android phone and it does redirect to plex.mydomain.tld, same thing happening to all of my family’s android devices. It does land correctly to www.mydomain.tld on any PCs, laptops, on iphone devices.

Is there some setting that I need to change in cloudflare?
Why does it behave that way only on android devices, is there anything I can do to prevent that in the future?

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Update 1:
I think the problem is with this mobile redirect
Problem is I cant change its setting and even if it’s showing as disabled, it still redirect the website

Mobile redirect isn’t enabled, so it;'s not doing it. Also you don’t have a DNS record in your screenshot for plex, so even if there was a mobile redirect, plex isn’t a possible target to be redirected to. I’d look at your traefik logs.

I dont think it’s traefik simply because we can open www.mydomain.tld just fine on any other devices than android phones

But here’s its log

Update 2:
I added plex in the DNS record and the mobile redirect still behave as it did in the gif above

Update 3:
This is how it looks in traefik dashboard, I dont think the problem is traefik

Update 4:
If I disable proxy on www then it won’t redirect www.mydomain.tld to plex.mydomain.tld on android devices anymore, now I’m sure there is something wrong with my cloudflare settings

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