Website redirect issues

I purchased a domain (A)… I set up a page rule for a 301 redirect to another domain (B)… When I try to open A from a computer - nothing happens. What Am I missing. Newb obviously…

What domain (A) and domain (B) are we talking about?

And how exactly did you try to it set up?

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Apparenty I am supposed to set up a DNS A record or something… Or AAA… There is a message now… domain is ‘norvalmorrisseauprints com’. any help would be appreciated… sure this is a newb issue on my part…

Where does one find the IP address we were assigned with a domain registration? I am not using hosting services… I see the name servers Evans for example but if I use that name server’s IP the message says that’s not my assigned IP from at registration… I can’t find any mention of an assigned IP address… Is this because I am not using hosting?

assuming you are using Cloudflare, you need to edit your DNS entries in Cloudflare dashboard and include the needed A record, or setup a new site under the gui and let Cloudflare make those entries for you

also of coarse change your nameservers to those provided by Cloudflare, you do that at your domain registrar where you got the domain name, and you can find the proper entry for them on the Cloudflare dash

Thanks… the name servers seem are the ones provided… and they are properly noted at the registrar…

It looks like this is a recurring issue with people who buy domains but do not have a host arrangement because they are doing a 301 direct… the question is what IP4V does one use? I am trying a previous solution found within community for the A record in such a case… Waiting to see if it resolves the issue…

looks like you just registered that today, it can take a day to propagate through DNS

Attempting to go to the page on the apex (e.g. naked domain) ends up with a 522 error, which indicate that the IP address of the record isn’t the right one, or that a firewall over there is blocking connections from Cloudflare.

The WWW record seem to be mixing between that 522 error as well, and/or a redirect to a blogspot sub-domain.

Can you share the records and so that you set up?

The only righteous set up on Cloudflare, for that specific case, would be to add a record with the type AAAA, pointing to the IPv6 address “100::”.

See this one, for the longer explanation:

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OK so I should create an AAAA record of 100:: instead of the A record I got now?

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And yes… I am trying to redirect it to a blogger site…

it did work once… then stopped…

FYI - I just tried it again and it does redirect there but then the loading appears to hang…but the full page is there

An A pointing to also works, for reference, and was recommended for years before Workers started suggesting the AAAA option and still is on many non devplat docs.

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It depends on the actual record you have, if you just set up something arbitrary, I would definitely change it.

I didn’t say that it wouldn’t, or that no other option would possibly be working.

I’m just saying that the best practices, according to the Internet standards since August 2012, appears to be leaning towards the AAAA record, rather than squatting on the documentation prefixes.

You don’t get a public IP address with domain registration.