Website recovery

My website has gone offline and I am not able to recover it or contact my web designer. Apparently it is hosted on Cloudflare but I am unable to access and recover it can anyone please help/advise, or give me the direct access email to Cloudflare techincal?
Many thanks

Cloudflare isn’t a web host, so you’ll need to contact your hosting provider to recover any files on your server, for example.

If you used Cloudflare on the domain, you can recover access to the account by using the different options described in this guide:

If you find a new developer, they can view an archive of your website on and take it from there.

Your website was using wordpress and the “neve” theme. It should be fairly easy to get it back up and running on a new host.

Cloudflare was used by your previous host, possibly because the server is in poland and your customers are in the UK. You should find a host in the UK ideally.

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