I need a back of my files on my website in Order to transfer host to Network Solutions.

Cloudflare does not host your website files (at least, not yet) so CF does not have your files and cannot back it up. You’ll need to ask whatever host you currently pay to get backup files.

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I just checked and it says you guys are hosting my website. It

Cloudflare is a tool for protecting websites from attacks. It does not run the website nor does it have your data.

The company hosting the website currently is whoever you’re currently paying to run it.

How do I figure out who is hosting my website? Because everywhere is says its you guys.

A hint would be the IP address in your DNS settings here. With that IP address, you can do a lookup at

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Where do I locate the DNS settings?

Your DNS records are at under your domain name.

Im not seeing that on my end.

Okay I did a search using my website name. But im still seeing CloudFlare unless I am suppose to be looking under something else.

I’m afraid you’ll have to contact the person who set up Cloudflare for your site four years ago. Prior to that, your site bounced back and forth between Network Solutions and Confluence Networks IP addresses.

Well I tried contacting network solutions and they were able to do anything for me because they said CF was my host.

The “Registrar” isnt the same as a host is it?

Im sorry I am just so confused and do not know what to do. Everybody is telling me twenty different things.

It’s like asking us which store you bought the shirt in. It says Nike across the front, but you probably didn’t buy it at the Nike store. You’d have to ask the person who bought the shirt or gave it to you for your birthday. Maybe the receipt was in the box. We don’t know.

Speaking of receipts, someone has to be charging you for hosting your website. Have you looked at your credit card or bank statements?

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