Website record change and IPv6 records

Hi there!

so sorry for the newbie question, but this is my first time editing CloudFlare records so I’m a little lost.

I need to redirect our website to a new website host. is that as simple as changing the A record for the domain to the new IP address?

and secondly, we had an SSL certificate installed at the new host in preparation. But the host tells us we need to remove the “IPv6 records from Cloudflare” in order for the SSL to work. Im not sure what this means or how to do it?

Thanks in advance!

It depends what you mean be redirect. If you just want to point your domain to another IP address, then yes, that is the right approach.

Do you have any IPv6 records configured in your control panel? If not, they most likely mean you should disable IPv6 for the Cloudflare proxies

I see! thanks Sandro!

Yes, I’m just wanting to point the domain to another IP address. so sounds like I’m on the right track.

With regards to the CloudFlare proxies, how would I find the settings to disable IPv6 in there?

thanks again!

Actually in my SSL/TLS section of CloudFlare it says “Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full”

Does this mean I dont actually need an SSL certificate on the hosting server, and Cloudflare will automatically take care of that?

You absolutely do need the certificate. The certificate on Cloudflare only covers the proxies but not your server.

noted, we definitely wont remove the SSL :slight_smile: thank you for that

I found the IPv6 setting under Networks, but it doesnt allow me to turn it off… so I guess ill have to go back to our host and see how we ensure the SSL will work.

Please re-read the article. That precise scenario is addressed.

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