Website Protection for web sites hosted under Go Daddy

Dear Team,

We are planning to use Cloudflare ACCESS to avoid unauthorized users accessing our Website hosted at Godaddy .

1.I have added domain under Cloudflare and also updated the DNS records changed to Cloudflare recommended DNS as per docs.

2.I have created Access Policy under Cloudflare to ask for one time token and provided my email id in the auth section .

3.All the above steps are done but still when i access my website its not asking for one time passcode.

Is there anything to be done from my side to ask for one time passcode?

Please advice.

Can you show us how you configure this? Especially the “Overview” tab.

Dear Eric,

pls find the snapshot below.

Policy Snapshot.

I have configured one email ID to authenticate .

I’m seeing this.


You could be accessing the www version of the website. Try access

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Excellent Eric Tung .It works fine now and asks for One Time Code.

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