Website protected by Cloudflare

Hello, I didn’t know where to post this, but I hoped that posting it here might help.

There is a website that is protected by Cloudflare that is based around posting private information on individuals and indexing it. They WILL not remove any data from their site unless you pay a ransom. This site is breaking the law and is also a massive danger towards individuals that have been targetted as their information is being hosted without any chance of removal unless they are willing to pay bitcoin to the site. They also post white supremacist articles which worship shooters of tragic incidents like the New Zealand shooting. I believe this site should be terminated as soon as possible and I will be trying my hardest to have it removed from it’s hosting provider. Plenty have already had their information leaked through this website, and I’m sure many more will soon, please stop supporting this site and protecting it with your services.

Website in question:

Hi @8303521925989491696, sorry, no one here can do anything about a particular site’s content, there may have been a message about that when you logged in. Let the folks in Trust & Safety know. Complaints cannot be filed via this forum. To submit an abuse report, go to The Trust and Safety team will then review the details and reply if appropriate.