Website Problem "Please wait while your request is being verified"

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My college domain is getting “Please wait while your request is being verified” from college network only. What might be problem, no issuse from other networks like from home network ,friends home network.

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  1. talked with ISP and Hosting but can’t solved

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

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![Screenshot 2023-05-26 120405|690x95](upload://zrPPo6KRSVTru4PaCZhn3NQRKJL.png)

Hi there,

Sounds to me this might be a hosting issue.
Here’s a similar issue and the solution found that might help you solve your issue:

Take care.

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I should add that a more recent answer I gave to another topic on this issue contains a possible solution (it worked for me) involving a Cloudflare Cache Rule with a small time set for Edge Cache when response is 302, and perhaps a WAF Custom Rule as well. Details


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