Website problem does not display images and video streams when installing the free Cloudflare SSL

my two sites foxneo,me

legacy encryption secure mode

i used domain to namecheap and i changed the nameservers from cloudflare to my domain and finally it showed up

That’s precisely the issue, a legacy encryption mode will break your site and drop encryption.

Make sure it is Full Strict, otherwise there is no encryption.

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wait I will change the new encryption mode

I will change the new encryption mode

I’ve changed the site now it’s safe thanks for helping me :star_struck:

As long as you are using Full Strict, your site is secure.

Ok I will do but actually the site is from free cpanel but that cpanel can’t generate generate privacy key and certificate and I know how to generate privacy and certificate from cloudflare dashboard but there is an error getting red warning on my cpanel when installing origin certificate

the site i used for hosting from prohostfree is thats why i chose it because its free forever

Pause Cloudflare for starters.

ok thanks i will do that later

Then just make sure you are on Full Strict and your site will be secure.

Okay Thank You sir :pray: :pray:

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